dp-collector [-s server_certificate -k server_private_key] [-a ip_address] [-p port] [-o output_directory] [-c config_file] [-h]


dp-collector is a data collector collecting data exported by DNS Probe via TLS network transfer.

dp-collector acts as a TLS server accepting incoming connections from DNS Probe and stores the incoming data to local files in a specified directory.

dp-collector can be configured either via command line parameters or by editing a configuration file found at <install_dir>/etc/dns-probe-collector/dp-collector.conf.


-s server_certificate

Collector’s server certificate for establishing TLS connection.

-k server_private_key

Collector’s private key for TLS connection encryption.

-a ip_address

Bind collector to specific interface’s IP address. By default collector listens on all available interfaces.

-p port

Transport protocol port the collector will listen on. Default is 6378.

-o output_directory

Directory to store the collected data. Default is “.”.

-c config_file

Configuration file where all the available configuration options can be set.


Print help message and exit.

Exit Status

Normal exit
Abnormal exit on collector’s failure